Transformation Tuesday: Fitbit & Fitness


As part of my plan to transform myself, I got a Fitbit Flex during the Black Friday sales back in November. I wear it everyday and managed to increase my daily steps to 5000+ steps per day. My January goal is to reach 7500+ steps per day by the end of the month. Half way in and I’m happy to report this week’s average was 6500!

If you don’t have a Fitbit or some other tracking device, I highly recommend them. I primarily work at a computer all day so the Fitbit is an easy way to keep me motivated. There are a couple of sites I also use to score points good for discounts and free items.

Walgreens has a program called Balance Rewards that you can link your Fitbit to and earn points for walking and weigh in. If you have an AARP card that is linked to your Walgreens account you earn double points too!


Sears also has a program called Fit Studio that gives you points for working out, walking, completing challenges and being active and having a your Shop Your Way card. The points are good for use at Kmart, Lands End, and Sears.


I have to admit that though I really want to get healthier, it is super hard for me to stay motivated. Having these little incentives along the way definitely help. Below are the things I’ve gotten either free or mostly free since I started using my Fitbit and having it connected to the these programs. Not too shabby!

  1. Panini maker from Walgreens
  2. Easter dress from Lands End
  3. Paint rollers from Kmart
  4. Fabric storage bins from Kmart
  5. Wireless mouse from Sears

A New Year, A New Me (and you?)


I am a list maker.

Each day I start with a list of the things I want to accomplish and invariably end up barely making a dent. Most of the time I know going in it will be impossible to complete everything but for some reason I still feel compelled to write it down.

This year I want to try a new path.

In fact, I plan to combine my “to do” list with my “someday” list and hopefully accomplish my goal of…THE SIMPLE DAY

At 44, I want to spend my time doing something that matters with people that matter. To make that happen, the list is simple.

  1. Transform my body so I can be a better spouse, mother, daughter and friend
  2. Transform my home into a relaxing, organized place
  3. Find ways to help others by donating my time and talents
  4. Steer my choices to make the best life possible

Sound hard? Yes. Impossible? No.

I find that having friends on any journey makes it more fun. Care to join me?