Thankful Thursday #5: Knit a Square

What I did to help others this week:

Knit a square

I read about the Knit a square organization in the January issue of All You magazine and immediately thought this would be a perfect way to help others AND get rid of my bits of yarn. The Knit a square organization takes 8 inch knitted squares and sews them into blankets for orphans in South Africa.

I pretty much always have a couple of knitting projects in the works and as any knitter knows, there are always partial skeins leftover at the end of a project. Instead of these partial skeins languishing in my stash taking up space, I instead knit 6 squares. I still have about 10 partial skeins and will be using those to complete additional squares. I expect send at least 20 squares by the time my stash is depleted!

This week I am most thankful for:

My sweet daddy who is turning 70 on Monday!