Transformation Tuesday: Kitchen Before

I know I know, you were expecting to see the much anticipated Breakfast Room reveal but the winter weather delayed a few final packages so you must wait until next week!

In the meantime, I’m going to show you my March home transformation project, the KITCHEN.

The good: Lots of cabinets! I did a full kitchen gut about 6 years ago and turned my galley kitchen into a u-shape that is much more functional. The cabinets are manufactured by Kraftmaid that I bought through Home Depot.


The bad: Too much stuff on the counters and no organization under the sink. I insisted on a farmhouse sink (which I adore) but the deep sink and garbage disposal don’t leave much room.  I also definitely want something other than the standard builder overhead boob light I have now.


The ugly: My appliances. I know stainless is all the rage but keeping it clean is impossible. While my budget doesn’t support ripping them out and replacing, I hope to find a workable solution for keeping them clean that doesn’t require me giving away the dog, teenager, or husband!


The plan: Replace the light fixture, clean the appliances, create some sort of  under sink organization and reduce the clutter on the counters. Hopefully by month’s end everything will be exactly the way I like it.

The budget: $200.00

The timetable: March 1-31


Transformation Tuesday: Lent Edition!

Instead of giving up chocolate for Lent, I plan to give up stuff!



Ann Marie from White House Black Shutters is hosting a 40 bags in 40 days challenge. The premise is simple…get rid of stuff that is cluttering your space by focusing on one area each day except Sundays during the Lenten season.

The details are available on her blog and there are even printables to get you going. I think  this is a great idea and marries perfectly with my year long home transformation plans.

Care to join me?

Transformation Tuesday: Laundry Room Before

The start of my 12 month home transformation begins today with the Laundry Room! To begin, let’s share the good, bad, and ugly.

The good: Cabinets! Since there are already two fairly large cabinets above the washer and dryer which are in pretty decent shape, I don’t have to invest in building or buying more.

Laundry Room Before 006

The bad: Too much stuff and no organization. The laundry room is right off the breakfast room and is a pass through to the den upstairs so no door to close or way to rearrange where the washer and dryer are located.

Laundry Room Before 001

The ugly: We had a water leak in the wall two years ago and the plumber had to cut the sheet rock to repair the pipes. Obviously nothing has been done to patch the wall and dust loves to congregate there!


Laundry Room Before 002

The plan: Turn this dungeon into a laundry oasis by removing all the unnecessary items, patching the sheet rock, stripping the wallpaper, painting or stenciling the walls, rearranging the cabinets and setting up useful storage

The budget: $150.00

The timetable: January 1-31

Wish me luck!