Thankful Thursday #4: Volunteer Match

What I did to help others this week:volunteer match

I discovered the organization, Volunteer Match, which connects volunteers with organizations that need help. Using Volunteer Match is super easy. You simply sign up (which is free) then filter the thousands of opportunities by either zip code if you want to volunteer locally or by category.

My first project was to make cheerful pillowcases for Hospice patients with CareCHOICES.

For this opportunity, I used the keyword “sewing” to find this need in California. The organization displays a short paragraph outlining their need and you click the “I want to volunteer button”. Volunteer Match then sends the organization a message confirming there is an interested volunteer and the organization will contact you via email.

The lady I corresponded with at CareCHOICES was lovely and I was able to whip up 8 pillowcases in no time!

MKAL Clue 2 002

This week I am most thankful for:

Living in the south where the weather is somewhat warmer! Much of the US is under blizzard conditions and while it isn’t summer weather, we do have 50+ degree weather right now. I think that is a heat wave compared to the northeast!


Thankful Thursday #1: St Jude’s Ranch

As part of my 2015 goal of transforming my life, I intend to find ways to help others and make a concerted effort to be thankful for what I have.

What I did to help others this week:

St Judes

St. Jude’s Ranch has a recycled card program that uses the fronts of old cards to create new cards for sale. I found out about this program a few years ago and have been sending in my old holiday cards ever since. This year I sent 14 card fronts that would have been tossed in the trash otherwise. The program accepts all types of cards (not just holiday) and currently has a need for Birthday and Thank You. If you would like to help too, that would be excellent!

This week I am most thankful for:


My dog Cooper being found alive and well. He went out New Year’s Eve and bolted when all the fireworks started going off. I called him for 2 hours with help from my neighbor to no avail. After a sleepless night (for him and me), I found him cold and wet by the front porch. It’s crazy how much I love this little stinker!

Please share what you are thankful for and any ideas for giving back. I would love to hear from you!